Bloomberg B-School Connection Educational Resource Center-Mini Case Study based first Competition was held successful between PAS clients on April 30.

There were 24 teams of 17 schools participated the competition and each team had 4 students and 1 consultant.

NUM, School of Business- “Shine Uye” team

MUST, School of Business Administration and Humanities- “Dynamiс” team

MULS, School of Economics and Business – “Nomads” team

University of Finance and Economics- “МОМВ”, “Prime”, “Noblesse” teams

University of the Humanities, School of Business- “Ravenclaw”, “Wabisabi” teams

Ider University- “Mind” team

LЕТU Mongolia University- “Yellowjackets” team

Мandakh Burtgel University- “Sudlaach Oyutan” team

Ikh Zasag International University,  School of Finance and Economics- “Khugjliin Ezed” team

MNU, School Economics and Business- “Violet”, “Mooligans” teams

San University- “Tsenher Alt”, “Green zone” teams

Seruuleg University- “Shake Up” team

Internatiol Institute of Economics and Business- “Тalst” team

National University of Economics – “Type One”, “Reform” teams

Otgontenger University- “Summit” team

Mongolia International University (MIU)- “Mono idea”, “Khun” teams

Ulaanbaatar Erdem University- “Manlailal” team

The first competition among PAS clients shows that our students’ knowledge and skills are good. It has become apparent that students have ability to do self-studies and well experienced.

The team ‘Prime’ of UFE won the First Place Award by 86 point, ‘Судлаач оюутан’ of Mandakh Burtgel University won the Second Place by 81 point, and ‘Nomads’ of MULS became the Third by 79.5 point.

Following teams presented their presentation in English which were really good too. ‘Dynamic’ of MUST, ‘Mono Idea’ and ‘Human’ of MIU, ‘Yellowjackets’ of LETU. It shows that Business and Economics students’ English knowledge has improved a lot, and they are able to use their language knowledge finding the right resource, doing translations, preparing papers and presenting papers.

First round of the competition will be held in each school next year and the winner of the first round will be able to participate the PAS Case Study based competition.

The competition will be held annually with the help of National University Economics .

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